Can we still have sex and give ourselves pleasure with my condition?

I have vulvodynia (pain with intercourse) plus I get split if I have a penetration (not a good picture for sex). My husband and I haven’t have any sexual activity for over six years. Things are getting difficult even with the deep love we feel for each other, we even forgot how to have sex. My question is: can we still have sex and give ourselves pleasure with my condition? I’ve read about tantra but it always takes you to the intercourse that I’m not sure I can handle. I don’t want to lose the amazing man life gave me but I can’t sacrifice him if I can’t be part of his sexuality. I’d love to explore in your workshops but I want to be sure it can be for me.

Yours is a challenging situation that affects many women.

Despite the difficulties and pain you experience during intercourse you can still have a very fulfilling sexual life. If not, you may go to and have fun with webcam models as you wish. Especially in the Tantric approach, sex is much, much more than intercourse. With its focus on sexual energy, rather than the friction of two bodies rubbing together, and on a pleasure orientation (the power and delight of touching, kissing, caressing), rather than a goal orientation (getting to orgasm), Tantra teaches that sexual connection and satisfaction happen in many ways.

If you do want to include intercourse, it doesn’t have to be deep, penetrative thrusting.

There are positions that simulate the feel of depth for a man, for instance, lying on your sides, either face to face or front to back, with your legs closed. Your thighs cradle the shaft of his penis and only the head may enter the vagina if you want it to. Much of Tantric sex includes stillness, so lying together in this way you would be quite still, focusing on matching your breathing, relaxing your bodies, feeling your hearts beat, the pleasure of skin contact and so on, instead of thrusting to ejaculation.

In addition to our workshops, our «Tantra Sex Step By Step» home study course would be a good way for you to reintroduce sexuality to your relationship. This program has a wide array of sensual practices that will help you reconnect with your husband and bring great pleasure to both of you.

I wish you all the best in your journey to a beautiful sex life with your husband.

Thanks so much for getting back to me. You have gave me the hope I lost long time ago, I’m not even sure if I want to attempt intercourse right now, I’m extremely afraid, I went through a lot of pain in the past trying to have it, plus I split followed by bleeding and tons of discomfort the following weeks. I don’t want to be a victim anymore, I want to do anything to bring back sexual energy to my life. I’ll check the home study. It would be challenging right now to go to your workshops, but I’d love to get in your email list to get updates, maybe we can take one in the near future.

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