couples can attract and create relationship happiness for a lifetime together – Part I

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Here is the first of four parts excerpted from our book Sensual Love Secrets for Couples: The Four Freedoms of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul, by Al Link and Pala Copeland, Llewellyn 2007, Part I The Four Freedoms, Chapter 2: The Second Freedom: Mind. In this excerpt we explain how you can attract to you exactly the relationship you desire, and how to act to support creating and re-creating that relationship for a lifetime together.

That you can attract to yourself whatever you desire is the core message in the hugely popular book The Secret. In part IV we tell where to go online to watch the full length DVD version of The Secret for FREE. Part I explains what Mind Freedom is.

Mind Freedom

The essence of mind is consciousness. The freedom of mind is attention and intention. The responsibility of mind is choice. Because of the speed, complexity, and fragmentation in this world, you cannot pay attention to the entire overload of information presented to you. You must choose what you’ll focus on. The fact that you can make choices is the foundation of all 4 Freedoms (body, mind, heart and soul).

In Mind Freedom there are two levels of choice:

  • The first is WHAT you think about—your ATTENTION.
  • The second is HOW you think about what you think about—your INTENTION.
  • The Importance of Relationship in Mind Freedom

Conscious Attention to What Matters

The world is demanding and in continual flux. Oddly, people tend to ignore one of their most important anchors for intellectual sanity, emotional security, and spiritual wisdom—their primary relationship with a mate. Committed, life-long relationship with another human being is one of the simplest and most obvious sources of happiness, but sadly, relationship rings in low on the list of priorities for many.

Individuals become preoccupied with worldly matters—careers, material goods, social position—and begin to take their partners for granted. When attention goes elsewhere the relationship withers, the anchor drifts away and the world comes crashing down.

This situation does not just happen to you. You are not the helpless victim of a world characterized by the popular, albeit misinformed, saying «Life is hard and then you die.»

In fact, you are a co-creator of your situation and you can just as easily create something different—something soft rather than hard, easy rather than difficult, safe rather than dangerous, happy rather than depressed, creative rather than boring, passionate rather than predictable, spontaneous rather than calculated, connected rather than alienated, expanding rather than contracting, and growing rather than stagnating.

To create something different and new, you must embrace the responsibility of Mind Freedom. This simply means that you remain aware of WHAT and HOW you are thinking from moment to moment.

You can choose to pay attention to what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

Also you can think about what you want in a consistently positive way.

By doing so you own your attention and intention, and your mind remains a faithful servant. It taps into all its resources and presents you with opportunities to actually make your ideas happen. Then of course, you must take action to support your thoughts. By taking action you give your servant (your mind) a reward and a powerful encouragement to continue serving you well.

Continued in parts II, III, IV

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